Applecross refusal letter

Those of us who applied for membership of The Applecross Trust have now received a letter from the Trust letting us know that “the Trust respectfully refuses your application for membership“.

Here is the letter.

And here is a memo which accompanies it and which was sent to all residents of Applecross on or around 20 October 2012.

The memo is worth a close read. It should also be noted that the document  fails to describe fully the details of the Applecross Trust and its history. In particular, the statement at the foot of page 1 that “These members of the public remain the sole beneficiaries of the Trust” is misleading as the Trust referred to no longer owns the estate.

The bulk of the estate was transferred to the Trustees of Applecross Trust in 1985. In 1992, the “The Applecross Estate Trust” was established (both legal trusts). In March 2006 title to the estate was transferred to The Applecross Trust (a limited company incorporated 28 December 2005) where it remains today.

2 Comments to “Applecross refusal letter”

  1. Margaret Gardiner says:

    To whom it may concern:

    So what does merit membership to the Aplecross Trust? I would be very much interested in reading a clearly defined and detailed list of the criteria, which does qualifie and applicant for membership to The Applecross Trust.

  2. Alison Macleod says:

    Well, local people can’t become members because when we asked we were told we are too emotionally attached and could not make dispassionate decisions. And non locals can’t become members because they have no connection to the place, even though they may for example be the MP or MSP, or have valuable experience of rural development in another small community facing similar challenges.
    So I think for the answer as to what does qualify you to be a member you have to look at the six existing members and work out what it is that they have to offer that means that they are so uniquely suited to the role.

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